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The Department of Ophthalmology provides services for effective diagnosis, treatment and research in eye diseases and disorders. It aims to provide good quality patient care to all sections of the society along with teaching and hands-on training of undergraduate (MBBS) and postgraduate students. The Department pursues inter-disciplinary research in collaboration with other departments. The Department currently provides Outpatient services, O.T., eye donation services and emergency services (any type of ocular injury e.g. trauma RTA, cracker, wooden, knife, ball, chemical (chuna) etc.

  • Computerized eye testing
  • Glass prescription
  • Slit lamp Biomicroscopy
  • Ocular Foreign body removal
  • Chalazion incision & drainage
  • Fundus/ Retina examination (direct & Indirect ophthalmoscope 20D,90D,78D)
  • A - Scan (lens power calculation)
  • Yag Capsulotomy
  • Laser Peripheral Laser Iridectomy
  • Special Clinics
  • Retina
  • ROP Screening
  • Retina Laser (Green Laser)
  • Injection Intravitreal (Inj. anti VEGF)
  • B- Scan (Sonography)
  • OCT(Ocular coherence Tomography)
  • Fundus Photo
  • FFA (Fundus Fluroscein Angiography)
  • Glaucoma
  • Medical management of glaucoma
  • Applanation Tonometer
  • Gonioscopy
  • Perimetry / Humphrey visual field (HVF)
  • OCT (RNFL)
  • Pheripheral Laser

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